File submission requirements

Submitted file format: Adobe PDF. The file must use the CMYK color model, using RGB or Pantone colors may cause variations. Transparent, gradient,
mesh etc. layout elements must be converted into raster graphics.
We create the layout for the print ourselves.

Fonts – curved, outlined (convert to curves; create outlines).

The files must have at least 2-3 mm bleeds on each side and automatic crop marks. The bleeds are trimmed after printing.

All key design elements – text, logo, people in pictures, etc. – must be located at least 5 mm away from the edge.
Including the frames included in the design!

For large print amount we don’t accept files prepared in the following software for long runs:

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point or Paint.
Material submitted in these formats is converted to meet printing requirements.
Processing costs for such files are applied depending on complexity.